A bearing is a machine element that works with minimum friction by means of rolling elements (balls, rollers, etc.) between the inner and outer rings, and carries different loads according to its size and shape by making a rotary motion. Thus, as the material produces movement or work by rolling rather than sliding, the friction is minimized and less energy is used. Bearings can run horizontally or vertically and they are called radial or axial bearings based on that.

There are many uses of bearings in our lives. They are used in planes, metros, cars, buses, trains, motors, conveyor lines, dentists, skates, trucks, washing machines, microscopes, telescopes, wind farms, pumps, propellers, fans, elevators, ventilators, drums, and so on. Without bearings, the world stops.

Single row deep groove ball bearings are versatile, single-piece bearings with a rigid outer ring, inner ring, balls, and cage assembly. These simply designed and easy to care products are durable in operation. These products are available in open or capped designs. Deep groove ball bearing may carry radial forces along with axial forces in both ways due to the bearing surface geometry and use of the balls.

Double row deep groove ball bearings are designed for combined loads, they support the shaft in both directions and can be mounted in both directions. They work properly at high speeds.

Tapered roller bearings may carry high radial and axial loads in a single direction. They are also available in two-row and four-row versions to support axial loads in all directions. They carry loads according to the taper angle. 

They are bearings with the highest load-carrying capacity, capable of carrying axial misalignments, heavy radial loads, and axial loads from both directions.

They are bearings that can expand in the X-Axis similar to Cylindrical Roller Bearings in thermal expansion, fix axial misalignment like Self-Aligning Roller Bearings, and has narrow sections similar to Needle Roller Bearings. They contain the basic features of all three bearings.

Needle roller bearings are units produced in single or double rows, consisting of an outer ring, a needle cage, and a removable inner ring. These bearings are available as sealed and open types. They are narrow sectioned.

They carry axial load. They have varieties such as single and double row ball axial load bearings, cylindrical roller axial load bearings, self-aligning roller axial load bearings, etc.

Inner rings or outer rings are electrical insulator bearings coated with Al2O3. They are used in electrical motors.

Those are bearings with bearing surfaces machined in nanoscales that provide energy savings with special cage and grease.

Those are bearings, whose cages have graphite lubricant quality can work in 350 degrees centigrade.

Those are full ceramic bearings or bearings with ceramic rolling elements. They are also used as isolating bearings. They are preferred in machine tools.