Those are centralized systems used in the lubrication of the lubrication points.

  • Greasemeter
  • Hand Pumps
  • Lubricator and toolsets
  • Pneumatic pumps and other accessories

Single line lubrication systems designed for oils and semi-fluid and hard greases in the NLGI 000-2 range are

  • Modular and reconfigurable systems which are preferred for many sectors such as machine tools, printing and textile
  • Lubricant can be delivered with piston type distributors that have wide flow range suitable for liquid oil, fluid, and hard grease.
  • Greasemeter
  • Hand Pumps
  • Lubricator and toolsets
  • Pneumatic pumps and other accessories

Progressive lubrication systems for hard and semi-fluid greases and oils up to NLGI 000….2 class

  • They are designed to operate up to approximately 150 lubrication points.
  • Monoblock, segmented or modular distributor options are available with 2-20 outputs.
  • With progressive distributors, it is possible to deliver lubricants in various flow ranges up to 400 bar pressure.

Dual line lubrication systems designed for oil and semi-fluid and hard greases of NLGI 000…3 class

  • Suitable for long pipelines, and machines with multiple lubrication points that work under harsh conditions
  • Lubricant can be delivered to more than 1000 lubrication points with high-reliability double-line systems that can operate up to a maximum pressure value of 400 bar.

Multi-line lubrication systems designed for oil and semi-fluid and hard greases of class NLGI 000… 3

  • Those are systems suitable for heavy industry conditions and have pump element output between 1-32 and provide working pressure up to 400 bars with different reservoir capacities
  • The system design is simple and reliable, and with its adjustable pump element outlets, it is possible to deliver lubricant directly to the lubrication points or by using progressive distributors.

Systems developed for high speed bearing and chain applications

  • Systems where the oil and air mixture are delivered to the lubrication point in trace amounts and continuously can be designed on per-project and per-customer basis
  • It is possible to monitor system parameters with the help of precise sensors.

Lubrication and cooling systems developed for applications with high speed, under heavy loads and temperatures

  • Those are systems that are developed especially for the lubrication of bearings and carriers in heavy industrial applications such as iron-steel, paper, cement, etc. Lubrication, cooling, filtration, and separation processes are done in big gearboxes and carriers
  • with SKF Circoil systems
  • In Circoil systems many parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc. can be monitored with most precise control systems and sensors
  • Top results in ISO 16889 Multipass and DFE (Dynamic Filter Efficiency) performance tests
  • ßx(c)=1000 and above filter element performance
  • High-performance G8 Dual Glass, stainless fiber, water retainer, and stainless-steel filter elements
  • Low pressure, high pressure, spin-on, and duplex filter bodies
  • Fixed/mobile filtration units for lubrication and hydraulic oils in ISO VG 22 – ISO VG 460 viscosity range (customized Ex-Proof solutions)
  • Diesel fuel filtration units
  • Special filtration units for oil precipitation and degradation (oil varnish) problems
  • Vacuum that separates the free and dissolved water in the oil
  • Dehydration Units
  • PTK 1 oil analysis and test kit
  • Oil precipitation and degradation (varnish) test kit
  • PM-1 online particle counter and monitoring device
  • OA-TO&OA-MPC turbine oil analysis kit
  • Spin-on and Hy-Dry breathers
  • In-reservoir suction filters