These products are used in mounting and dismounting of the bearings.

16% of premature bearing failures are caused by incorrect mounting Cold Mounting SKF TMFT 36 Bearing Mounting Set

  • Precise, fast and reliable mounting
  • Able to mount more than 400 bearings
  • 36 rings for mounting of bearings with 10mm to 55mm inner diameter
  • Structure that prevents metal-to-metal contact

Hot Mounting
SKF TIH Series Heaters Induction heaters allow fast and reliable bearing mounting

They reduce heating time and energy consumption about 20%

  • Different models that can be used to heat bearings up to 1200kg and 800mm inner diameter ability to heat up to 250 °C Controlled heating with magnetic heating probe
  • Three-legged balanced structure
  • 3 years warranty on TIH series.

Multi-coil induction heaters

  • Custom production for bearing mounting with demanded dimensions and weight
  • Homogeneous heat distribution even in very large applications
  • Applications such as turntable gear and railway wheel bandages

Precise Bearing Mounting with Oil Pressure SKF HMV Hydraulic Nut and Oil Pumps

  • Fast and precise bearing mounting
  • It shortens the mounting duration by 70%, allows for precise inner gap control.
  • Self-Aligning Roller Bearings / CARBTM
  • “Drive-up Method”: To obtain the software for free, visit www.

Crescent Wrenches (For tightening the lock nut)

Crescent wrenches for SNL and SNH carriers
Easy mounting even if there is a little space in the bearing area
You may apply high force without damaging the nut
For self-aligning ball bearings, small self-aligning roller bearings mounted to tapered shaft and CARB bearing mounting

The correct tightening angle is printed on each wrench.

50% of mechanical failures in rotating equipment are due to axis misalignment.

TKSA Series Coupling Adjusting Devices SKF TKSA 20
Low-cost coupling adjustment device for simple, and fast coupling adjustment

  • Dynamic control with laser sensors
  • Ease of use for beginners with 4 keys
  • Short pay-off duration with low budget
  • 2 year valid calibration certificate

Easy coupling adjustment with monochrome, advanced visual display

  • Black / White interactive display
  • Easy reporting feature with internal memory
  • Measurement distance from 70 to 1000mm
  • 2 year valid calibration certificate


  • Horizontal and vertical coupling adjustment
  • Color touch screen
  • Wireless sensor
  • 36mm laser sensor height
  • Measurement up to 10m distance
  • Sequential coupling feature
  • Advanced reporting feature

SKF Shim Sets
Stainless steel shim sets for quick and easy coupling adjustment

  • High quality stainless steel construction with various thickness
  • Multiple uses due to durable construction
  • Sold as sets or individually

Pulley and Gear Axis Adjustment Device


  • For precise axis adjustment of pulleys and gears
  • Suitable for distances between 5cm and 6m
  • Both pulley and gear adjustment
  • Easy mounting and use with magnetic fasteners

Predictive maintenance
Take precautions before your production line stops, and avoid loss of production

Air Leak Detectors

Air Leak Detector

  • Easy to use, flexible structure suitable for hard-to-reach spots
  • Identifiable sound frequencies 38.4 kHz ± 2 kHz (-3 dB)

Air Leak Detector

  • 10 grade LED bar graph
  • Steam trap, compressed air line air leakage control

Arcing, corona detection

Thermal camera for thermo-electrical and mechanical applications

  • Resolution: 160 x 120 pixels
  • 4 cursors with different emissivity values
  • Audio recording with photo
  • Temperature measurement from -20 °C to +350 °C
  • Ability to mix digital and thermal images

Advanced thermal camera

  • Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Temperature measurement from -10 °C to +600 °C
  • Ability to mix digital and thermal images
  • Audio recording with photo
  • 4 cursors with different emissivity values

For Monitoring Working Equipment 

Stroboscopic flash to capture rotating equipment in a fixed position

  • Compact and ergonomic structure
  • High speed monitoring with 12,500 flash/min
  • Up to 2.5 hours battery time

Stroboscope with tachometer and high speed operation

  • Speed reading with laser sensor
  • High speed monitoring with 300,000 flash/min
  • Up to 12 hours battery time
  • Gerçek zamanlı gösterim
  • Yüksek çözünürlüklü dijital zoom kamera
  • 9cm VGA ekran
  • Standart 1m uzunlukta kamera borusu (Ø 5,8 mm)
  • Esnek ve yarı esnek borulu kameralarda opsiyonel 5m uzunluk
  • 50.000 fotoğraf veya 2 saat video kaydı
  • IP67 koruma sınıfı
  • Opsiyonel mıknatıs ve tripod seçeneği ile elle tutmadan, makina gövdesine sabitleyerek kullanım özelliği

Electric Leakage Current Detector It is used to detect current leaks in variable speed motors. It detects current in 10 to 30 sec intervals

Contact Tachometer

  • Laser, contact and linear speed measurement
  • For precise speed control

Temperature measurement from a safe distance

  • Automatic turn-off feature
  • Measurement from -60 °C to +625 °C
  • Emissivity value fixed at 0.95

Contact and laser thermometer

  • Contact measurement from -64 °C to +1400 °C
  • Laser measurement from -60 °C to +625 °C
  • Emissivity adjustment from 0.1 to 1.0
  • With temperature probe for contract measurement
  • High temperature alarm feature


  • Contact measurement from -64 °C to +1400 °C
  • Laser measurement from -60 °C to +1000 °C
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Precise measurement even over long distances

Liquid oil control device

  • Compares the used oil with the original oil
  • Handheld and easy to use
  • Provides very fast information on the condition of the liquid oil

Grease Test Kit

Grease Test Kit

  • Extremely suitable for field evaluation
  • Can test the suitability of the grease
  • Failures due to the performance of the grease are prevented

SKF PHL FM10/400
Kayış Gerginlik Ölçüm Cihazı

  • Sahada değerlendirme yapmak için son derece uygundur
  • Kayış gerginliği ölçümü için uzmanlık gerektirmez
  • Kayışların daha uzun ömürlü ve verimli çalışmasına yardımcı olur

Cold Dismounting

2 jaw puller

  • Modular structure that can pull bearings both internally and externally
  • Mechanism to lock arms automatically

EasyPull puller with hydraulic mechanism

  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Single person operation with SKF patented spring mechanism
  • Provides hydraulic force up to 100 kN

Deep pulling for bearings with heavy loads and far from shaft end

  • Structure that adapts to the construction with optional various arm lengths
  • Pulling force up to 500 kN
  • Arm length up to 600mm
  • 80 MPa hydraulic force

Use appropriate pullers to remove bearings without damaging the shaft.

Internal puller SKF TMIP
Internal Puller Kit

  • Dismounting kit for bearings that are mounted to the body without mounted inner ring on the shaft

Blind puller SKF TMMD 100
Blind Puller Kit

  • Dismounting kit for bearings whose outer rings are mounted to the blind carrier and inner rings mounted to the shaft
  • For removing the bearing without cutting

Long sleeve external puller TMBS E
If you cannot reach the bearing with conventional pullers

  • At points where the distance between the bearing and the shaft end is high
  • Max. 816mm arm length

Blind hole puller TMBP E
For bearings in blind holes

  • Max. 547mm arm length
  • Construction suitable for dismounting deep groove ball bearings with 30mm to 160mm inner diameter

Puller plates

  • 5 different models for operation between 26mm to 380mm
  • Operable in various diameters

The first criterion in hydraulic pump selection is the desired maximum pressure.

Whether for air drive or manual operation, the choice of internal or external oil reservoir is important. If a pump with a built-in chamber is desired, the oil chamber capacity selection should be determined separately.

SKF Machine Analyzer
SKF Machine Analyzer, with simultaneous measurement of vibration and temperature in the machine provides very fast and accurate information on your rotary machine and bearings in the factory. While it is small enough to fit in your pocket, Machine Analyzer has a very powerful signal processing capability which allows it to evaluate the condition of the rotary machines very fast and accurately.

SKF Advanced Bearing Analysis Kit
SKF Advanced Bearing Analysis Kit is a kit designed to evaluate the condition of all machines in the factory area by performing multi-parameter oil tests and to obtain fast and reliable information for immediate maintenance planning. The kit includes the Machine Analyzer along with a test cell for measuring the amount of water in the lubricant and the total number of bases (TBN).

SKF Electric Motor Analysis Kit
The SKF Electric Motor Analysis Kit simplifies the analysis of electric motor bearings and the general condition of the machine. The kit includes the SKF Machine Analyzer and the SKF Electric Leakage Detector Pen (TKED 1), which are very useful tools in determining the general condition of the machine and bearings.

SKF Basic Machine Monitoring Kit
This kit includes the SKF Machine Analyzer and a magnet sensor kit, which provides great convenience for measurements on hard-to-reach surfaces. The kit also includes SKF Infrared Thermometer which is used for remote temperature measurement in less than a second which is suitable for harsh conditions and SKF Inspector 400 Ultrasonic probe which detects high frequency sounds due to pressurized air or vacuum leaks or electrical discharges and turns those into audible sound which can be heard even in the most noisy environments.

SKF Energy Monitoring Kit
SKF Energy Monitoring Kit is a tool which monitors and optimizes the energy used for the pressurized air in any facility of a business and enables to reduce energy usage and CO2 emission. In addition to all the devices in the SKF Basic Machine Monitoring Kit, the kit includes the Hioki Power Analyzer and Hioki Power Analyzer clamps, which are used to measure voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, integrated value, frequency and harmonics.

SKF Bearing Analysis Kit
SKF Bearing Analysis Kit which incorporates three different easy-to-use measurement devices simplifies the monitoring of current condition of the bearing. In addition to the SKF Machine Analyzer
the kit also includes SKF Infrared Thermometer which remotely measures temperature thanks to its double laser targeting system even in harsh conditions without any contact. The kit also has SKF Oil Check Monitor which allows the detection of degraded or contaminated oil.

SKF Microlog Analyzer AX
AX series SKF Microlog Analyzers are route-based data collector/FFT analyzers with up to 4 channels of simultaneous data acquisition and fast response time with three-axis accelerometer support. Users may choose from a wide range of suitable modules to create a device that meets their needs. Thus, the data is collected quickly and loss of valuable time and money is avoided.

SKF Microlog Consultant
SKF Microlog Consultant is a very durable, four-channel vibration analyzer in Class 1 Div 2 and IP 65 housing class that is capable of performing complex dynamic signal analyses and expert evaluation on its own. This portable device shares the same advanced performance and other features with its PC-based alternatives for working under difficult industrial conditions. In addition to that, the said device allows quick and easy determination of general condition of the machine, and monitoring of product quality and indicators on site.

SKF Microlog Advisor Pro
As a stand-alone device, SKF Microlog Advisor Pro is ideal for service, maintenance, inspection and diagnostics and does not require any advanced software. This three-channel, portable maintenance device features a very convenient user interface, a simplified assistant user wizard for measuring and an automated analysis system based on pre-programmed ISO standards. Green, yellow and red color codes allow quick and easy identification of test conditions, invalid and abnormal measurements along with machine condition.

GX Series SKF Microlog Analyzer
Developed for maintenance engineers in a wide range of industries, the GX series SKF Microlog Analyzers are single or three-channel route-based data collector/FFT analyzers. Three channeled, three simultaneous axis input with separate tachometer input allows for quick and wide range data collection without spending more time. Thanks to the modular design of the GX series, new modules can be easily added to increase functionality without the requiring a purchase of a new device. Existing accessories are available for all models. As all SKF Microlog series products uses same high speed processor, same digital panels and a software with a license number license number input only, all existing units can be upgraded to higher models.

SKF Microlog Analyzer 51-IS
SKF Microlog Analyzer is a route based device which have CMXA 51-IS, ATEX Zone 0 certification and it is ideal for petro-chem, petrol and gas combines, water treatment stations, pharmaceutical plants or any other factories that require the use of authorized electronic devices due to explosion hazards.

Machine monitoring transmitters from SKF
SKF provides machine monitoring transmitters to the industry in a complete product line which is developed to provide additional value to present manufacturing equipment. These products provide important information on the general condition of the machine and bearings so that you may get the most out of the machine. Each monitoring device is connected to a fixed sensor in the machine. The devices provide cost-effective continuous monitoring of the performance parameters of individual machines, gears and bearings in pumps, fans, motors and other general purpose machines in various industries.

SKF Multilog On-line System DMx
The truly reliable SKF Multilog DMx device which is developed for machine monitoring and protection is a 4 channel vibration monitoring solution that allows transducer to process dynamic data on the machine.

SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-M
The SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-M is a cost-effective and powerful solution for many machine monitoring and protection applications. Combined with the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite software, the SKF Multilog IMx-M device offers a complete system solution for machine shutdown/trip and early fault detection and diagnosis.